«The Cross of Saint Euphrosyne» by LightMagic (Belarus, 2008)
Original Object: Present location: Transfiguration Church of St. Spas Monastery in Polotsk. Creator: Lazar Bogsha, 1161. Lost in 1941. Recreated by a jeweler from Brest Nikolay Kuzmich in 1997. The hologram was recorded for the 1020th anniversary of the Baptism of Rus with the support from Church and Government. Regularly presented as official State present by President Lukashenko. Date of creation: 2008. Authors: L.V. Tanin, S.N. Ginak Monochrome reflection hologram on silver halide glass plate, size 40x60cm.

«Childholding Panaghia» by HiH (GR, 2014)
An OptoClone of a holy icon from private collection. Deemed miraculous, this icon from the island of Syros (Cyclades) is passed on to the next generation (only to a daughter in family) for more than 200 years. During a period when there were no daughters in the Thomas family, the icon was deposited in a local monastery, where it attracted the reputation of being miraculous. Handed back to Maria Thoma after her birth in 1936, it now belongs to her daughter Angeliki Sarakinos-Thoma private collection (Athens), where it is still visited from private pilgrims. Author/holographer: Andreas Sarakinos. Full-colour Denisyuk reflection
hologram on ULTIMATE04 glass plate, size 30x40cm portrait.

«The Gifts of the Magi» by LightMagic (Belarus, 2014)
A unique hologram of the Orthodox shrine of the reliquaries with gold,
frankincense, and myrrh from St. Paul’s Monastery at the Holy Mountain Athos, Greece. With the blessing of His Holiness Cyril, Patriarch of Moscow and all Russia, this Christian shrine was located at the Charity House of Saint Job the Longsuffering in Minsk from 17 to 24 January 2014. Date of creation: 2014. Authors: L.V. Tanin, S.N. Ginak, N.G. Borzdov Monochrome reflection hologram on silver halide glass plate, size 40x30cm

‘Spas’ (Saviour) icon by Holography Lab of SOI Vavilov (Russia, 1994)
One of the earliest efforts to produce full-colour holograms, depicting an amulet in bronze setting with enamel painting, copy of an end of XIX c. icon from private collection. Leningrad, USSR, 1989. Recorded on two plates and processed by ‘microcavity’ method of Yu. Usanov and M. Shevtsov (first publication in 1985). Reflection Denisyuk color “sandwich” SHSG hologram (Silver-halide sensitized gelatin) in glass, 70x115mm portrait.

‘The Chios Epitaph’ by HiH (Greece, Oct 2011)
Perhaps the most impressive of our holograms. An exceptionally difficult object to record holographically as it involves lots of fabric, wooden frame and parts, free-standing metal flowers and lots of colours. The object used is an original type of hand-made icon resembling the Easter Epitaph with ornaments meticulously put together by nuns of the monastery of St. Konstantin on the Aegean island of Chios. An experimental OptoClone(TM) (optical clone) hologram during the development of the portable Z3-camera testing Ultimate emulsions, exhibited at the MIT Museum until Sep 2013 together with the original object. Concept: Alkis Lembessis Holographer: Andreas SARAKINOS. A Denisyuk-type full-colour reflection hologram on ‘Ultimate’ glass plate, size 30×40 cm portrait.

«Expiation of sins» by Holography lab of S.I. Vavilov SOI, St.Petersburg (Russia, 1990)

An artistic «synthesis art» composition (painting + hologram) by Nikita Solovjev (painting, oil) and Michael Shevtsov (DCG hologram). Size: 20×28 cm portrait, matted and framed.