‘Minotaurus’ by Yves GENTET (FR-2009)
This hologram composition of a Minoan (Crete) civilization bull-head ornament object (replica) against a decorative simulation of a Knossos palace wall painting demonstrates the potential of holography as a recording medium. Denisyuk full-colour hologram in glass, size 13×18 cm portrait, origination by Yves Gentet on ‘Ultimate 04′ panchromatic emulsion.

‘Austro–Hungarian Silver and Gilt Jug’ by COLOUR HOLOGRAPHIC (UK, 2013)
This Art Deco jug dates from the 1920’s and is made from silver and gold gilt. It is hallmarked in two places. Additionally the jug is decorated with pearls, enamel and chalcedony. The jug would have been used for wine and other drinks on special family occasions. Originated by Gideon Raeburn in the Colour Holographic studios, Feb 2013. True-colour Denisyuk reflection hologram on BBpan emulsion glass plate, size 20x25cm portrait.

‘Taurus fresco’ by HiH (Greece, 2014)
OptoClone of an artistic object bought from the Vergina arcaeological site official retail outlet depicting a (Mino)taurus head. Full-colour Denisyuk reflection hologram on ‘Ultimate 04′ glass plate, size 20x25cm portrait. Hologram by Andreas Sarakinos, June 2014.

‘TAG Heuer silver watch’ by COLOUR HOLOGRAPHIC (UK, 2011)
True-colour Denisyuk reflection hologram on BBpan emulsion glass plate, size 25x20cm landscape.

«Pencils» by Inaki BEGUIRISTAIN (UK, June 2015)
An origination technique, which has been mentioned many times over the years as ‘theoretically’ possible, but in reality very few people have ever attempted it due to many and complex practical considerations. This new technique -in fact a remix of old concepts- produces holograms that are not only significantly brighter and deeper but also allow for fully controlled lighting, which, as in photography, can play such a key role. The 3D image sits wherever you like relative to the plane of the glass, so you have both virtual and real image. And the control of ratios enable a much better balance to achieve the necessary modulation. Creatively the technique has so much potential. This hologram was made using a very complex optical system which involves the use of three lasers (Red, Green, Blue) to expose separate laser transmission masters for each colour component. All the object information, including its natural colours, is then transferred from each of the masters on to a single silver halide panchromatic glass plate. There are many stages and elements required to perfect this process, but the end result speaks for itself. This image is entirely produced using classical analogue methods of holography, and there is no digitisation at
any stage of the process. True-colour reflection transfer hologram from three transmission masters on BB-Pan glass plate, size 20×25 cm portrait.

«DUCHESS of MARLBOROUGH Fabergé Egg-Clock» by HiH (Greece, 2015)
Artifact: A sumptuous Easter egg clock with a rotating dial created for Consuelo, Duchess of Marlborough, who was born into the American Vanderbilt family of industrial and financial magnates, following her visit to Russia. Six years later the Duchess of Marlborough put the egg clock up for sale at a charity auction. It was bought by Malcolm Forbes in 1965, becoming the first large Easter egg in his famous collection. Saint Petersburg, 1902, House of Fabergé. Workmaster M. Perkhin. Gold, silver, diamonds, pearls; casting, embossing, engraving, guilloché enamel, enamel. Fabergé Museum, St. Petersburg, Russia. OptoClone® :
Full-colour Denisyuk-type reflection hologram on BB-Panchromatic glass plate (under exclusive license from Colour Holographic), recorded in-situ, size 30x40cm portrait, illumination from above. Author: Andreas Sarakinos.

‘Watches II’ by COLOR HOLOGRAPHIC (UK,2011)
A hologram of one pocket and two wrist watches in different shades set against a vivid blue background (seen in demo box). True-colour Denisyuk reflection hologram on BBpan emulsion glass plate, size 25x20cm landscape.

‘Topcider’ by HiH (Greece, 2014)
An OptoClone of a colourful painting with strong 3D paint-brushes. Author/holographer: Andreas Sarakinos (Nov2014). Full-colour reflection Denisyuk-type hologram on Ultimate04 glass plate, size 40x30cm landscape.