Oak room

«Yuri N. Denisyuk pulse portrait» by HoloLab of SOI ‘Vavilov’
(USS R, 1984)
Monochromatic reflection copy (Holography lab IFMO, 2015) on Slavich glass plate, size 28x41cm portrait, Transmission master (author: V. Krylov, SOI, about 1984).

«Yuri N. Denisyuk holo-portrait» by HOLICON CO RP. (USA , 1989)
A holographic pulse portrait of the Y.N. Denisyuk, inventor of the single-beam technique, made by Hans Bjelkhagen of Holicon Corporation in Evanston, Illinois, USA during the time of his visit to the USA. Master recorded 21 Aug 1989 using a Lumonics ruby pulse laser. Monochrome reflection copy made at Lasergruppen Holovision AB, Stockholm, Sweden with a Krypton-Ion laser on Agfa 8E75 glass plate, size: 30×40 cm portrait.

“Bratina” by Holography lab of S. I. Vavilov SOI (USSR, 1976)
A truly historical hologram. Object: Silver seau by Faberge shop (end of XIX c.) from The Artillerian museum, St.Petersburg , Russia. The first big scale (80×60 cm) hologram recorded in the lab by A. Zemtsova and assistants with He-Ne laser (SP-125, 50 mW, 633 nm) on lab-made plate and with GP2 processing. Monochromatic reflection hologram on glass plate, size 80x60cm landscape. Illumination from below.

«Satyr and Nymph», by Holography lab of S. I. Vavilov SOI (USSR, 1985)
Sculpture of bronze, private collection of V. Bryskin, Russia. Monochrome reflection hologram. Holographic plate 80×60 cm, illumination from below. In-lab developed emulsion and coating by V.Smaev and assistants (L. Selyavko and J. Vavilova), GP-2 chemical processing.