“Magic of light” exhibition’s results

8 декабря, 2015

In Saint-Petersburg the exhibition called “Magic of light” completed its operation. The exhibition of light installations, holograms and optic-clones, the unique program of ITMO University Project was realized within The International Year of Light and Light-Based Technologies with support of Greek Holographic Institute and the chain of medico-social assisted living residences for elderly people in need of nursing, «ОПЕКА».
«Magic of Light» – is a fantastical exhibition about magical capabilities of light. Amazing holograms, optic-clones and optical illusions created deep impression on the citizens and guests of Saint-Petersburg.
The exhibition location — The Commercial Building of Elisseev merchants – (14 Birzhevaya Liniya, Vasilevskiy Island, Saint-Petersburg) – was chosen not by accident. This was the place where in the middle of XX century, under the direction of Vavilov Sergey Ivanovich (the founder of scientific school of physical optics) State Optic Institute was located. Later right here within the walls of ITMO University (at the time LITMO), Denisuk Uri Nikolaevich worked, he was one of the founders of optic holographics.
“Magic of light” exhibition’s results are really amazing!
“Magic of light” had a great impact on adults and children. While operation, on the exhibition territory including laser theater Lux Aeterna, a lot of interesting events were realized: different education meetings, optic masterclasses for children, popular-scientific-films’ viewings, different science shows from the partners of the exhibition, the lecture on scientific progress, timed to «landing» Marty McFly from the movie «Back to the Future,» and a lot of different get-togethers.
Stafeev Sergei: «We have found that popularization of science is really actual now, moreover it is actual among really wide audience. We succeeded to create such interactive exposition for science, which is interesting for both adults and children and it isn’t an easy deal. We will try to have such success in the «World of Science». We did not expect such an excitement for the exhibition and we especially pleased that St. Petersburg citizens asked to make our exhibition permanent, moreover nonresidents invite the exhibition to their cities. So we have already 15 invites within Russia and from abroad. Moscow, Kazan, Sochi, Nizhny Novgorod, Voronezh, Saratov wait for us impatiently. The colleagues from the Netherlands, Switzerland, China and Finland sent us real offers and now we are discussing dates and locations».
Consequently, within 4 months of exhibition operation more than 82 thousand people visited The Commercial Building of Elisseev merchants. The exhibition brought pleasure not only to Saint-Petersburg’s citizens but to the guests from different places: Moscow, Arkhangelsk, Kirov, Yaroslavl, Pskov, Nizhnevartovsk and a lot of other places. The exhibition institutors received 15 offers from another cities from Russia and from abroad. You can see a great amount of bright and interesting photos taken by visitors. Use hashtags #атакаоптоклонов and #магиясвета.