«ZOMBIE» by 3D Contact (Russia, 2012)

Dimensions: Width: 750 mm – Height: 1100 mm Effect Types: Morph, 3D effect — depth Viewing angle and distance: 30 degrees, 1.5-2.0m Source material: Lenticular lense 20 LPI Item Description: Artwork used at the Expos for demonstrating various effects and in particular the combination of real photo and animation combined with stereo images. 3D Contact deals with production and distribution of medium and large format lenticular prints mainly used for advertising and design for more than 12 years. The participant was involved in: Creation, Preparation, Printing.

«NESPRESSO» by TreD s.r.l (Italy, 2011)

Dimensions: Width: 1180 mm – Height: 1730 mm Effect Types: Flip, 3D effect — depth Viewing angle and distance: 40 degrees, 2.0m — infinity Source material: Lenticular lens 10 LPI Item Description: The flip between 3 images of Nespresso shows different colours for different flavours of the coffee range. The panels were produced in 50 copies for an advertising campaign in bus shelters (Milan, Rome and Turin) with excellent feedback from the client. TreD started in 1998 as a company specialized in high resolution lenticular print in small and large format using the most modern printing equipment.