Exhibition of Light Installations,
Holograms and OptoClones®

Saint Petersburg

During 4 months of exhibition we were visited by more than 82 000 people

from 8 countries, 40 cities and more than 150 schools and colleges

“Magic of Light exhibition will capture everyone’s imagination because watching complex physical qualities in a simple form is a true miracle. But then again, light itself is a phenomenon. It’s the basis of life,” said Sergei Stafeev, exhibition’s curator.


“Magic of Light” is an exciting journey into miraculous qualities of light. It opens the doors to the world of optical illusions and modern lighting solutions.

The venue for the exhibition wasn’t chosen by accident. It’s located in the Eliseev House (Birzhevaja Linija, 14), which in the middle of the XX century used to house the State Optical Institute headed by Dr. Sergei Vavilov, the founder of the optical physics scientific school.
It was also the place of work for Dr. Yuri Denisjuk, one of the founders of optical holography and ITMO University graduate. Now this building belongs to ITMO University.

Key Exhibits

“Magic of Light” exhibition allows visitors to travel in space and time and to witness the evolution of scientific thought in optical technologies and light mechanisms, to touch historic artifacts and get a glimpse of the future.

Faberge Collection
The collection includes thirteen OptoClones of original masterpieces that are part of the Faberge Museum collection in St. Petersburg. OptoClones, or ultrareal full-color holograms, are created with the latest optics and light technology and allow to make a visual image virtually identical to the real object.

For the first time in Russia, internationally awarded large-format lenticulars, the finalists of the «Lenstar Lenticular Print Award» international contest, can be seen at the exhibition. The contest was held within the framework of a main forum in the global printing industry Drupa 2012 (Dusseldorf, Germany) and attracted nominees from all continents. In addition to individual prizes in several categories, two entries — «Zombie» and «Dolphin» — from Moscow firm «3DCONTACT» were awarded with the «Thomas Mark Supreme Public Preference Award 2012″ receiving more than 30% of the votes of public. Enjoy them for yourself!.

Angel’s Eye
This art object, created by MARS Center, Moscow, is a projection of a giant human eye that reacts to approaching objects. This installation lets viewers experience “the gaze.”

Interactive pixel art piece by MARS Center, Moscow, reacts to an approaching viewer thanks to Kinect technology and shows how a person changes if one looks at them for a long time.

Michael Jackson’s Hologram
The full-color digital hologram of Michael Jackson was created based on his photograph in 1989. It’s part of the collection of the Hellenic Institute of Holography in Athens.

Marilyn Monroe Hologram
A small number of holograms with the image of the sex idol of the 20th century were sold to collectors around the world. The actual number of copies is unknown. This piece came from the Hellenic Institute of Holography in Athens.

Magical Forest
Visitors entering this 20-meter hallway find themselves in thick of imaginary woods. Minimalist geometrical shapes using light strings immerse viewers into the world of light sculptural space. Words don’t do it justice. It’s a must see.

Plasma Lamp and Tesla Globe
The original plasma globe was invented by Nikola Tesla and patented in 1894 under inert gas discharge tube. The modern version of the device was introduced by Bill Parker, an MIT graduate in the 1980’s. The exhibit features a glass sphere with an electrode. Plasma filaments extend from the inner electrode to the outer glass insulator, giving the appearance of multiple constant beams of colored light.

Colorful Shadows
This interactive installation consists of three light sources: red, blue and green (RGB color model). Is it hard to turn it into CMYK color model?
Not a problem! The installation is based on the principle of color subtraction: the three sources of the RGB model are pointed at a wall. If an object is placed between the sources and the wall, then in any combination only two colors are left, which become the colors of the CMYK model.

Musical Organ
Developed in the Soviet Union in the second half of the 20th century by Dr. Petrovsky, Abbe Catalogue is a famous collection of 144 samples of optical glasses of different formulations and brands ranging from the lightest kroons to superheavy flints. There’s no other collection in the world to match it in the size of glass blocks and range.

«SongShan» by Dieter Jung
Made by world-acclaimed light sculptor artist Prof. Dieter Jung, first exhibited at the «The Jeweled Net» exhibition at the MIT Museum. Matrix Transmission Hologram, size 60x50cm with top reference light. The hologram is visible from both sides, illuminated with only one light. Long viewing distances are desirable!

«Living for the Moment B» by Setsuko Ishii
First-time exhibited new large-format hologram, with H1 (master) holograms made under «artist in residence» program of Holocenter (NY, USA) in Dec. 2013, and after that transferred H1 to H2 hologram at Holographic North (USA). This is pulsed master multi-color multi-channel transmission hologram. Artist: Setsuko Ishii Year: 2013 Type & material: Multi-color multi-channel transmission hologram

Hologram Collection

Oak room

Bratina (framed)










14 (17)


Wolf with flowers

Interactive light

15 (10)









Laser Theater Lux Aeterna

Laser Theater Lux Aeterna
The courtyard houses a unique laser theater LUX AETERNA. The experience follows the laws of theater but nothing is like a traditional performance: the laser is the actor, lenses and mirrors are the scenery and the planetarium is the stage. Light merges with sound to form a joint artistic form. It’s impossible to speak about what LUX AETERNA is like. You’ve got to experience it.

Shows start every 30 minutes.

Tickets for the last show are sold till 20.15
Admittance to the laser theater is only possible as part of the main exhibition.

Ticket Price: 200 roubles
Students: 150 roubles
Pupils: 100 roubles
Children under 7 – free




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