‘AVATAR’ by Rabbit Holes (USA-2010)
Best Hologram of the Year 2010 prize by IHMA at the HOLOPACK/HOLOPRINT 2010 Kuala Lumpur conference. Originally, RabbitHoles Media printed this imagery for RealD as their 3D Innovation Awards at ShoWest 2010 in Las Vegas to honor AVATAR’S James Cameron and Jon Landau and Lightstorm Entertainment. The 3D motion holograms depict AVATAR’s Neytiri, crouched in the Pandora jungle, bow drawn, as an ethereal Sprite alights on the tip of her arrow. When viewers interact with the print, they experience extreme 3D perspectives on the Sprite’s action, Neytiri’s awestruck expression, and the rich jungle environment around them. 20th Century Fox has teamed up with Acme Archives of Burbank, California and RabbitHoles Media Inc. of Gatineau, Quebec to distribute a series of three limited edition RabbitHoles® 3D AVATAR Holograms depicting NEYTIRI WITH SPRITE. This is the largest of the three RabbitHoles® AVATAR editions coming at 32” x 32” size. Originally, this was to be a limited edition of 10 pcs only, however the change of ownership of RabbitHoles resulted in only 3 pieces produced. The 1280 frame 3D image sequence in the digital holograms was created from original AVATAR assets produced by Weta Digital of Wellington, New Zealand and printed by RabbitHoles® patented pulsed laser printers. The digital hologram comes framed and with theatrical light specifically designed to properly illuminate it.